Oppo Mint Choc Swirl Ice Cream Review

After being absolutely blown away by how good the salted caramel Oppo ice cream was i have been on the hunt in literally every place i know stocks it to try and find the other flavours, but to no avail as all i seem to find is the salted caramel flavour!

But a new Waitrose opened relatively close and low and behold they had the salted caramel and the flavour i was most looking forward to, Mint chocolate as it's one of my favourite flavours.

Straight away it was much softer straight out the freezer than the salted caramel and i had no trouble just sticking my spoon straight in. Oh sweet lord this is absolutely incredible, the mint flavour is utterly perfect, and the creaminess of this ice cream for such low calories is just unbelievable. I don't get any aftertaste from the stevia at all and the creamy mint base is just sublime.

The cacao swirl unfortunately in my pint had pretty much all sank to the bottom which was an incredible shame as when i got to the bottom and properly tasted it, it was probably the best richest chocolate sauce i have ever tasted, bar none! S

o if the distribution of the delicious sauce had been a little more consistent this would be a 100% 10/10 product. The macros are incredible at only 85cals per 100g and 9 CARB!! 4 fat and 3 protein, i mean what wizardry has gone into macros like that only Charlie and Harry at Oppo will know...

Overall Rating 9.9/10


  1. I love this flavour!!! It's my favourite by far. So good. I could eat it every day. I think they've changed the recipe of what it used to be as I remember when it was in the old style tubs it used to have a lot more chocolate swirl in it compared to the new one.

    1. Wish i could eat it every day, but when you're eating the whole thing in one sitting at £5 a pint.. well! Yeah the swirl was divine just not evenly distributed


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