Arla Skyr Simply Natural Review

I absolutely love yoghurt, I practically live off the stuff and love all sorts. My favourite is usually a good quality strained Greek yoghurt which is nice, thick and creamy. When I spotted this new Icelandic "super yoghurt" on the shelves that boasts high protein, reduced sugar and low fat it ticked all the boxes for a post gym refresher, or a sweet treat.

First things first the texture and taste before adding anything is practically identical to that of a strained 0% fat Greek yoghurt; super thick and smooth with quite a noticeable tang. But lets be honest unless you're an actual Viking you're going to need to add something to this to sweeten it up a bit as on it's own its far too sour for me.

I added a good spoonful of lemon curd and served on top of sliced banana with some granola and to be honest it tasted exactly the same as my usual 0% fat Greek yoghurt (not a bad thing). The lemon curd offsets the bitterness and gives it a lovely citrus zest which with the banana and granola is delicious.

I've also added honey to this plain version and again it added a much needed level of sweetness. There are 2 other varieties which I have also tried; a strawberry flavour and honey. The strawberry one was certainly lacking a real fruity edge so I probably wouldn't buy it again, and the honey one was pleasant enough but not a very strong honey flavour came through.

Texturally and flavour wise this Skyr is practically just a strained Greek yoghurt, but I think it has slightly more protein and less sugar which is always a plus! With the addition of honey, curd or conserve this is a really nice yoghurt due to the fantastic thick and creamy texture and I will certainly continue to buy it as its currently 2 for £2 in Tesco and Asda

Overall Rating: 9/10


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