The Collective Banoffi Yoghurt Review

I absolutely love yoghurt and when it comes to the thickest creamiest texture with delicious flavoured sauce no brand can beat The Collective. 
This yoghurt is seriously incredible; you get two tiers of a delicious flavoured banoffi sauce mixed with The Collective's signature "gourmet" yoghurt. What is really different about this yoghurt that in my opinion makes it so special is that the banana flavour doesn't taste artificial at all unlike most other banana flavoured products on the market, which is a huge plus as I love banana as a flavour. It mixes perfectly with the sweet toffee to create an absolutely delicious, completely natural tasting banoffi flavour.

The yoghurt base itself is also fantastic, its so thick and creamy, yet has a slight sharpness to it which works perfectly against the sweet banoffi. I have tried pretty much all the flavours in The Collective's range and I have to say they are all pretty damn incredible, but if I had to pick a favourite (out of their regular non limited editions) it would be very close between Banoffi and the mango flavour. The only downside is they are quite pricey, one of the little pots will set you back £1 and the big tubs are around £2.40 but are usually on a multi buy offer. Seriously though they are without doubt worth the money and tastes so luxury and premium; and definitely my favourite brand. Do yourself a favour and pick up a yoghurt from The Collective.

Overall Rating: 9.8/10


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