Rachel's Organic Divine Rice Review

Usually when it comes to rice pudding I'll stick to Muller or occasionally Ambrosia, I definitely prefer it cold so it's usually Muller, but safe to say it is one of my favourite desserts. I think Rachel's divine rice is a new edition to the Tesco range as I've never seen it before, so when I saw a twin pack in the reduced section it swiftly made it into my trolley.

Upon peeling back the lid the appearance looked a little gelatinous but after a little stir it resembled classic rice pudding. The texture of this is absolutely wonderful, lovely and thick, and it has such a fantastic creamy milky flavour with a little hint of vanilla. What really comes across is the sweet milky flavour, which I think is how classic rice pudding should taste, and a slight background vanilla flavour which marries absolutely perfectly with the thick cold pudding.

This really was pretty damn special, and I would happily pay full price for this again, the flavour is just absolutely indulgent, so creamy and sweet without being overtly so. I think they're usually about £1:30 ( I paid 97p) for two which isn't bad really considering this tastes like an incredibly premium product. If you like rice pudding you have to buy these, and even if you don't I would still reccomend them as they taste phenomenal.

Overall Rating- 9/10


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