Fruit Pastilles Berries & Cream Review

Fruit pastilles are probably my favourite sweet, I don't eat them very often but when I do it has to be a nice bag of fruit pastilles or some form of Haribo. So when I saw there was a new flavour I definitely had to pick up a bag!

Previous limited edition fruit pastille variants have been a mixed bag, froosions were pretty good but most of the other ones were pretty forgettable. Unfortunately I find its a similar story here. I find the "cream" flavour to be very sickly, and it almost completely takes away any fruit flavour coming from the sweet. There are three flavours and the only ones I could really detect that signature fruit pastille fruitiness from were the blackcurrant ones, and to be fair these ones are quite nice. But with the strawberry and raspberry the quite sickly artificial cream masks that nice fruit flavour I would come to expect from a fruit pastille. (Note: these do not actually contain any form of dairy cream)

Overall these are a fairly disappointing edition to the fruit pastille range as the cream flavour is too sickly and fake tasting for me, and my favourite part about a fruit pastille (the fruitiness) is therefore lost in these sweets. Not terrible, but don't hold a candle to the normal fruit pastilles.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10


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