Muller Rice Remix Greek Inspired Strawberry Review

After being pleasantly surprised by how nice the apple version of this new range of Muller rice remix was I was really looking forward to trying the other flavour in the range, strawberry.

What I really like about this new offering to the rice range is how the actual rice pudding is flavoured with cinnamon, it adds a really nice warmth to the overall creamy texture and taste of the pudding, this worked especially well with the apple variant. Unfortunately I don't think the strawberry works all that well with the cinnamon, as the cinnamon is actually quite a dominant flavour in these rice puddings.

I also found unlike the apple compote, the strawberry flavour was a little lacking, and definitely lacked the lovely crisp tang the apple compote delivered.

Overall definitely not a bad flavour, and I did still enjoy the product, I just don't feel the slightly bland strawberry compote worked that well with the cinnamon, however the rice pudding itself is still delicious. I would definitely recommend the apple flavour over this one, but they are both still worth trying!

                                         Overall Rating:7/10


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