The Collective Limited Edition Rhubarb, Vanilla and Lemongrass Yoghurt Review

As I've said before no brand beats the collective when it comes to quality, taste and texture, and as I had to suffer months of the limited edition flavour being coffee I was very excited with the launch of their new limited flavour of rhubarb, vanilla and lemon grass.

The rhubarb flavour is very bold and tastes extremely natural and adds that lovely tartness that you get with fresh rhubarb. The vanilla is very mild in the yoghurt even though there are actually specks of vanilla pods dotted throughout which I was slightly disappointed with as I was hoping this flavour would be more prominent. Personally I got absolutely zero lemon grass flavour which for me was actually a benefit as I'm not the biggest fan anyway. The yoghurt base itself is the usual sublime thick and creamy collective trademark which just exudes indulgence whilst not tasting artificially sweetened.

Overall the rhubarb flavour is really lovely tart and natural and is very flavourful, with the mild vanilla complimenting it well, but it doesn't quite stack up to some of the other flavours the collective do and is not as good as the limited edition Christmas pudding which was sublime. Still a very enjoyable flavour though as I don't think I've ever had a rhubarb flavour that was so natural in a sweet condiment. Definitely worth trying for any yoghurt/rhubarb lovers.

Overall Rating- 8/10


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