Coco Caramel Shreddies Review

Shreddies are definitely one of my all time favourite cereals, and I quite like the normal coco and honey variants of the brand. I'm not the biggest fan of the frosted ones as they are just too sweet but as the caramel one was the only flavour I hadn't tried when I saw them half price in Tesco I thought why not.

I was dubious about how much caramel flavour these would actually contain given that in the ingredients caramel isn't even listed; however upon opening the first smell that hit me was quite a strong sweet caramel. Obviously there is the obligatory dry test first, and I was surprised that I could actually taste some hint of caramel, unfortunately I found it to be quite an artificial caramel, that was very sweet and the chocolate flavour was almost completely lost due to it.

With the addition of milk however these actually do become a little more pleasant whilst still not being fantastic. They stay nice and crunchy which is essential for al cereal in my opinion, and the milk slightly dilutes the quite artificial sickly caramel. Overall I probably wouldn't buy this flavour again and will be sticking to the plain, or occasionally coco/honey flavours. Just a bit too artificially sweet for my taste but by no means inedible.

Overall Rating: 6.8/10


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