Muller Rice Limited Edition: Smooth Chocolate Review

As I've said in previous entries, Muller rice are fantastic, one of my particular favourite flavours was the smooth chocolate and caramel, but as of late I haven't seen it around the shops as much and I think Muller are replacing it with this variant.

I was a little annoyed as I really like the one with caramel, but hey its a new flavour in a range I love so I was still looking forward to trying it. What struck me straight away was how dark and chocolaty the sauce is, it's really dark and has a strong chocolate scent and appearance. As you can see when mixed it turns the creamy rice a suitably dark shade of brown.

Flavour wise, I was actually quite surprised at how chocolaty this was, it had a really nice rich chocolate flavour, something you didn't get with the caramel variant, and on balance I would actually say I prefer this over the one with caramel and I really hope Muller keep this flavour sticking around as I found it to be really tasty indeed!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


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