Nature Valley Oats n Red Berry Protein Granola Review

I really like granola, not really as a cereal but as a topping for strained greek yoghurt or just a handful as a snack. I've been wanting to try this new range of "protein granola" from nature valley for a while now but have been reluctant to pay £2.49 for a 360g bag, so when I saw it Poundland I couldn't resist picking up the red berry flavour.

Firstly upon opening I could actually smell the fruitiness coming from the clusters which was good, and as you can see the clusters themselves are rather large, so be careful when portioning out.

The texture is very different to a standard granola, its a lot crispier which really took me by surprise as this tastes more like a regular cereal than granola until I read the small print under the label which reads, "crispy granola"  It's not an unpleasant texture, but it's not what I'd come to expect from a granola product and to be honest I much prefer the traditional hard crunch you get from brands like Jordans.

Flavour wise is reasonably positive, you can definitely taste the red berry fruitiness coming from each cluster, even if the fruit itself is few and far between; but again the flavour I really look for in a granola is a lovely honey oat one, and that is completely lacking in this even though honey is listed as an ingredient. Overall this isn't a bad tasting product, the berry flavour is quite pleasant, but the texture isn't quite right for a granola in my personal opinion, and at a £2.49 price point isn't great value at all. I suppose the high protein (14.4 per 100g) could be its USP but there are definitely hugely superior granolas on the market at a fraction of the price.

Overall Rating: 6/10


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