Weetabix Protein Crunch Chocolate Review

Weetabix is definitely one of the best cereals, and I've noticed recently the brand have been playing off the whole "healthy" aspect of the product. So comes the launch of "Protein Crunch" safe to say as an avid exerciser and gym goer I'm always looking for ways to get extra protein in my diet, and what better way than through one of my favourite foods, cereal.

As usual I started with the dry test, the little tubes are indeed very crunchy, the chocolate flavour is surprisingly strong actually as I was expecting quite a bland taste given the fact its marketed as a protein product (even though there is more sugar per 100g than protein!) I don't like a lot of milk as soggy cereal is a cardinal sin; luckily these stay lovely and crunchy in milk and due to the chocolate flavour it turns the milk a lovely chocolaty colour, and its addition definitely makes this cereal taste better.

These do however taste remarkably similar to Weetos though, and to be honest given a blind taste test I would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Weetos aren't one of my favourites but I did quite enjoy this new cereal. There is another flavour which is just plain which I'm not going to rush out and buy as this cereal was pleasant enough without changing the breakfast game; that said I'm extremely into cereal so am pretty hard to please!

Packing 20g of Protein per 100g it is quite a high proportion, but there is also a lot of sugar (22g per 100) which is welcome I suppose because the cereal actually does have quite a nice sweet chocolaty flavour.

Overall Rating-7.5/10


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