Muller Pud Corner Toffee Review

After being slightly disappointed with the chocolate flavour pud corner I can't say I was overly optimistic for the toffee flavour as I imagined it to be quite sickly, luckily I was pleasantly surprised!

The toffee dairy dessert is a lovely smooth thick consistency and the flavour is actually really really good. It has a rich sweetness that isn't too overpowering and I almost detected a note of butterscotch in there which worked very well with the sweet toffee.

The digestive balls are also excellent, crunchier than I remember from the normal Muller corners and the biscuit inside was very short, whilst the chocolate exterior had a fairly bland cocoa flavour. They do add a very nice crunch to the smooth dessert though.

Overall I far prefer this flavour over the chocolate and would probably buy again. I do find the pot to be a little small for the price point however, and it's not a mind blowingly good product so will probably only buy when on offer. However much better than the chocolate due to that lovely butterscotch esk toffee dessert and the lovely crunch from the digestives.

Overall Rating- 7.5/10


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