Liberte Muesli Summer Fruits Yoghurt Review

I'm always on the lookout for new high protein snacks and I do quite like liberte's existing range of thick and creamy yoghurt's, fruit and plain.I wasn't prepared to pay £1 for a small single pot so when i saw one of these new muesli pots reduced to 20p i couldn't not buy.
The texture isn't quite as thick as the smaller fruity pots or plain variants but is still satisfying and definitely thicker than your standard yoghurt. The flavour was very strongly strawberry which was actually very tasty, but i was disappointed at the lack of either raspberry or cherry.
The real highlight here is the lovely chewy pieces of muesli, they add a lovely texture variety, and do make the yoghurt a tad more substantial.
Overall quite a tasty strawberry yoghurt with a decently thick texture and lovely chewy muesli. Disappointed at the lack of "summer fruit" flavour and slightly runnier texture. I do still want to try the apricot  flavour but will probably wait till i find one reduced!
Overall Rating- 6.8/10


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