Muller Pud Corner Milk Choc Review

I really like some of the corner crunch mullers so when I saw this product launch I was keen to try them (also comes in a toffee flavour) but was reluctant to buy four at the same time in case I did't like them. Thank you Asda for finally stocking the single pots...

The chocolate dairy dessert is fairly good, nice thick consistency with a subtle coca flavour. It isn't very strong, but I would say just enough to be considered "chocolaty" definitely room for more of a substantial chocolate kick.

The cereal balls I think are the same in the vanilla muller corner, they are pretty nice and add a nice crunch to the smooth chocolate dessert. I would however say that the pot itself was a little small at only 85g, considering its the same price as the other corners and they are 135g!

Overall to be honest this is nothing spectacular and I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy them again as they are quite expensive,and a bit lacking in a deep chocolate flavour, but it certainly wasn't unpleasant and did deliver a fairly good dessert. Toffee flavour review coming soon!

Overall Rating- 6.8/10


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