The Collective Passion Fruit Yoghurt Review

As always with the Collective you can expect fantastic quality yoghurt with a genuine flavouring that doesn't taste in any way artificial, and that is certainly the case with this passion fruit flavour.

Texture is the usual indulgent thick and creamy yoghurt but with this passion fruit flavour there are actually passion fruit seeds mixed in with the compote which I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of as they do sometimes provide a somewhat unwelcome crunch, which is a bit odd against the velvety smooth yoghurt.

Flavour wise the passion fruit is absolutely lovely, a real tropical note which tastes like an actual passion fruit. I will say that is isn't quite as fruity as the mango (the best flavour) and lemon varieties, but it is still most definitely better than almost any other fruit flavoured yoghurt out there. Not my favourite flavour from the collective, but I'm still giving it a high score as it is really delicious!

 Overall Rating- 8.5/10


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