Arla Skyr Nordic Sour Cherry Review

I've been quite disappointed with the flavoured varieties of skyr thus far as they've all been lacking in the specified flavour. I had slightly higher hopes for this "sour cherry" flavour as cherry is one of my favourites when it comes to yoghurt flavours.

As usual the texture is wonderfully thick, and the yoghurt has that slight tang which is really nice. Thankfully this yoghurt actually tastes of cherry! Finally Arla have actually but the flavour in... Granted it is fairly subtle and definitely not as strong or flavourful as other cherry flavoured yoghurts I've tried, but certainly the best flavoured variant of skyr that I've tried. There was the odd chunk of cherry as well which were very tasty; not sure about the "sour" element to it as it didn't appear to be overly sour, just quite a nice subtle cherry flavour mixed with a fantastic textured yoghurt.

I'd probably buy this flavour again if on offer, but will again probably still be sticking to the plain skyr and adding my own flavours. The best flavoured variant but still nothing overtly special.

Overall Rating- 7.2/10


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