Ginsters Meat Club BBQ Chicken Chunks Review

After really enjoying the tandoori flavour of these chicken chunks I was really looking forward to trying the BBQ flavour, as recently I've been growing more fond of BBQ as a flavour
Appearance wise is the same as the tandoori with about 6 nice chunky pieces of chicken breast. 

Unfortunately the BBQ flavour here is so subtle that its almost non existent. What you want from a good BBQ sauce is a nice sweet tang followed by a bit of spice at the end. These just tasted of slightly seasoned chicken, despite smelling quite barbequey.

The texture of the chicken however is still wonderfully meaty and does provide quite a satisfying snack. I won’t be buying this flavour again (especially at a £1.29 RRP) and will be sticking with the tandoori flavour.

 Overall Rating- 6.5/10


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