Ginsters Meat Club Tandoori Chicken Chunks Review

Being a devout carnivore I love meaty snacks, anything from just slices of ham or chunks of chicken does me nicely. So when I spotted these new Ginsters tandoori chunks it was a must try.

I was expecting them to be a bit like fridge raiders which I do quite enjoy but sometimes find a little greasy and not very filling due to the amount of added ingredients. These are nothing like the wet textured fridge raiders, they have a wonderful meaty texture which is just richly satisfying. The tandoori flavour is quite subtle, not very spicy but enough to give it a nice curry warmth.

These retail for £1.29 which is absolutely extortionate for quite a small bag, I got them for 59p in the reduced section of Tesco. They are however really tasty and fantastic meaty texture coupled with a warming Indian flavour; and after a lengthy bike ride actually did provide a somewhat fulfilling snack. I also picked up a BBQ flavour which I will be reviewing soon!

Overall Rating- 8/10


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