Arla Skyr Apple & Lingonberry Review

I've tried all the big pot flavours of Skyr and to be honest the flavoured variants (strawberry & honey) were both quite lacking in the actual flavour. I do however really like the plain skyr as I can mix my own flavourings with it and it seems to be on offer most of the time!

I've been wanting to try the smaller pots for ages, and now they are half price in Tesco I thought I'd start with Apple & Lingonberry, and I also got a sour cherry one. Texturally its the same thick and creamy you get with the other flavours but unfortunately as with the other flavoured variants of Arla skyr there is little to no flavour of apple or lingonberry. Seriously I couldn't decent any apple at all in this yoghurt and granted I don't know what lingonberry tastes like but there was pretty much zero flavour in this; just a slightly sweet thick yoghurt with the occasional chunk of apple.

Very disappointed again with the flavours in the range of Skyr, they just don't taste of the stated flavour at all. This was quite a satisfying snack however and the texture and health benefits are very favourable! I just hope the sour cherry actually tastes of cherry otherwise I shall definitely be sticking with the plain variant.

N.B: Rating is based on the complete lack of apple or lingonberry flavour, texture and satiety are top notch.

Overall Rating- 5/10


  1. Such a shame that the fruit flavour in the Apple & Lingonberry variety is disappointing too. I didn't really enjoy the Sour Cherry flavour as it was all just a bit too sour for me. The Mixed Berries was okay but quite bland overall. I'll be sticking to the plain version I think!

    1. Hmm cherry is one of my favourite yoghurt flavours so don't know how a sour one will taste tbf. Yeah I think I'll be sticking with the plain as well, mixed with lemon curd or honey is divine!


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