Liberte Muesli Apricot Yoghurt Review

I was a little underwhelmed by the supposed "summer fruits" flavour of this new muesli range from Liberte, but was more looking forward to trying the apricot flavour as there aren't many apricot flavour yoghurt's on the market.

I found this one to have a much thicker and creamier yoghurt base than the last, maybe as i ate this straight from the fridge, but the texture was very satisfying. The smell was very apricoty so I was hoping for a a good strong flavour. The flavour of apricot is definitely there but I think it either needs another fruit flavour in there or for it just to be a bit stronger. 

My reasoning for this is that there really is quite a lot of muesli in this yoghurt and it somewhat overpowers the fruitiness of the apricot. So what you're left with is a subtle apricot flavour with a back note of oatiness and a hint of hazelnut. The Muesli is plentiful and this was quite a filling yoghurt.

Maybe that's what Liberte were going for with this new range, but I think it would be really good for the fruit to be a little bit stronger. Still a nice yoghurt and probably slightly better than the summer fruits, but still at £1 each they are far too expensive to warrant frequent purchase!

Overall Rating- 7.4/10


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