Honey Nut Cheerios Review

Cereal is one of my favourite things ever, so when I see all the funky flavours American's get I do get somewhat jealous. I do like normal British Cheerios but wouldn't rank them among my favourites, the honey ones are pretty good though.

When I saw these honey nut cheerios in a pound land I had to try them even though £1 for a tiny pot is a bit much. I've previously tried banana nut cheerios from the states and those were absolutely incredible, seriously one of the best cereals I've ever tasted (and I've had many cereals) so I was hopeful for these.

Unfortunately there is literally no nut flavour to these cheerios at all, it claims to have "almond flavour" so I was expecting a nice bake well tart esk flavour. All I got was some seriously over sweet cheerios that to be honest did't even taste of honey, just very sickly. I forced myself to finish the pot as I remembered how much I paid for them!

Overall these are a massive let down for me, with absolutely no nut flavour present and a ridiculously overpowering sweet flavour that didn't even really have any honey to it. Stick to your normal cheerios or British honey ones as they actually taste of honey.

Overall Rating 4/10


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