Muller Corner Cherry Bakewell Review

Cherry bakewell is probably one of my favourite desserts, and I really like quite a few of the Muller corner range so this sounded to be a sure winner of a product for me.

The cherry yoghurt base has a raspberry underlay and pastry pieces on the side. The cherry yoghurt itself is actually really nice and cherry flavoured whilst being thick and slightly creamy even if a little on the sweet side. I found the raspberry flavour very subtle almost to the point of it not being there really which is a shame as I was hoping for a bakewell flavour to be prominent, unfortunately all I could really taste was cherry even though it was quite nice.

The pastry pieces are quite bland to be honest and add very little flavour wise, but there is a good amount of them and they do add a rather nice crunch which does benefit the yoghurt as a whole.

Overall this isn't really a cherry bakewell flavour, more so cherry with a hint of raspberry and some crunchy pieces, but I did actually quite enjoy it and would probably buy it again if it came in the single pot format.

Overall Rating- 7.3/10


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