The Collective Raspberry Trifle Review

I've been a bit disappointed with the last few flavours from the collective, which is very surprising given how amazing some of them are. However i still like to try every new flavor they bring out, and this one sounded particularly good, with the inclusion of a vanilla custard yoghurt base.

The base is the usual perfection of yoghurt, very thick and creamy as i've said numerous times before its one of the best textures yoghurt can be. I was very pleased to see flecks of vanilla in there as well. The flavour is absolutely delicious. the raspberry sauce is extremely fruity and sweet, with that great tang that raspberries bring as well. The yoghurt base is noticeably sweeter than the other collective bases, and it worked extremely well with the slightly tart fruity base.

The amaretto only makes up about 1% of the yoghurt so is extremely subtle, but there is the back notes of something a tad alcoholic in the aftertaste.

Overall this is one of the best flavours the collective have released for a while, and it would probably be my favourite out of all the deluxe pudding range or whatever they call it. Still not quite on the level of mango, lemon or the banoffee one they used to do, but definitely worth picking up.

Overall Rating- 8.7/10


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