Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter Clusters Review

You can imagine my excitement when i saw that Kellogs announced an actual peanut butter cereal, not just peanut or something with chunks of peanut in it, peanut butter was in the name. I feel these are two quite different flavours, so combine two of my favourite food groups, cereal and peanut butter (yes in my diet definitely food groups of their own) i was very excited.

Well it's very dense, so you really don;t get much for your calories (220 per 45g serving or 484 per 100g) and even though it's actually a fairly large amount (525g box) it is pretty small. There are some massive chunks of oat clusters and some actual whole peanuts with a mild peanut buttery scent.

The texture is very crispy, with a good crunch and the peanuts add a nice earthy flavour. The peanut butter flavour is definitely there, but for me isn't quite strong enough. It's a damn sight better than some UK peanut butter flavoured things (looking at you PB oreos) Also there is a suprsing lack of sugar at a mere 12g per 100g which is obscenely low for a cereal of this nature. To be honest i din;t really miss the sweetness as i prefer my peanut butter's to be more salty than sweet.

All in all a pretty good effort from Kellogs, and its great to finally see some more peanut butter flavoured things breach the UK market! However i wouldn't really rush to get this again due to it being very steep in calories for the amount/flavour you get.

(Chocolate chips were added by me ;)

Overall Rating- 7.5/10


  1. So still worse in taste/"bang for calories" than Reese`s Puffs or Hershey`s Cookies n` Creme cereal? :) Or Kellog`s Cinnabon? Hell, those USA cereals are tasty... and expensive

    1. In my opinion Reese's Puffs are by far the best peanut butter cereal that i have tried! and are 100% better than these. Yeah US cereal is incredible, just wish those import fees were lower!


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