Nakd Posh Bits Cocoa Raspberry Review

I'm a huge fan of nakd products, their bars are just brilliant, they all bear a pretty damn good resemblance to the indulgent flavour they aim to recreate, i mean the Bakewell tart one tastes scarily like cherry Bakewell and the carrot cake is delicious as well. Pretty much i love these products.

I've been meaning to review these "posh bits" for ages now but actually forgot i had them in my cupboard! I believe these are replacing the now retired "bits" range, of which i had the cocoa orange flavour, and they were excellent just like their bar counterpart.

Out of all the "Posh bits" flavour's this one seemed to be the only one that was inherently new, being cocoa and rasperrby, as they already have cocoa orange and regular salt (other posh bits flavours are cocoa sea salt, and cocoa mandarin) so this one interested me the most.

Each little nugget is a lovely heart or diamond shape with a bit of white powder on, which I'm guessing is the rice flour. Wow these are delicious, like seriously good. They have a lovely rich cocoa flavour that doesn;t taste sickly at all, as the dates really accentuate the natural sweetness. The raspberry is definitely there and brings a lovely sweet tartness to the bite, and to be honest it's just utterly lovely. the trademark fudgy dense texture is still ever present which i love, and i must commend them on the very sophisticated packaging.

My only bug bear is the price really, at £2.75 for 130g they are pretty expensive, which is a shame, as if they were more affordable i would for sure buy them more often, given the amazing ingredients profile, and they count as one of your 5 a day!

Overall Rating- 9/10


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