Nakd Lemon Drizzle Review

I've already professed my love for pretty much all the nakd products i've tried, and was a huge fan of the carrot cake limited edition and will be sad to see it go.

That sadness was alleviated however when i saw what would be taking its place... Lemon Drizzle! Being one of my favourite cakes of all time, i was really looking forward to see how well nakd could replicate the distinctive flavour. (spoiler alert, they nailed it).

Firstly the colour is a little lighter than the usual dark date like shade pretty much every other flavour has, but undeterred by the colour, i was drawn in by legit just the smell of freshly baked lemon drizzle cake.

Wow, like seriously wow, the flavour is 100% spot on lemon drizzle cake! it doesn't just taste like a lemon fruit bar, it actually tastes like lemon drizzle cake. It has a wonderful authentic lemon flavour, with a perfect amount of zing, and the dates bring a wonderful level of sweetness.

The texture is different to all the other nakd bars i have tried, this one is a lot more crumbly, and kind of cake textured. I'm guessing the addition of coconut is the reason for this. The only negative i have to say about this bar is actually, is the addition of coconut, But that's me being very picky as I'm not the biggest coconut lover. The coconut taste is extremely mild and i only tasted it on one bite, and even for me the lemon taste far outweighed it.

This is my new favourite nakd product, please nakd make this a permanent addition!! It has even knocked bakewell tart off
my number one spot it's that good!

Overall Rating- 9.8/10


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