Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownie Review

I've always been jealous of the sheer volume of healthy products on the American snack market, and it's making me quite happy as of late that General Mills are deciding to release some of these healthier brands over in the UK. The Nature valley protein bars are definitely some of the bes cereal bars I've ever had. I have only heard good things about fibre one products through american Youtubers and such so was very intruded to finally try them.

Now first things first, the size to price ratio here is a little bit pricey, at £2.89 for 5 very small bars its a pretty hefty price point, but onto flavour and texture. Wow is all i can say, the texture in my eyes is absolutely spot on for a brownie, dense, moist and a fantastic chewiness without giving your jaw too much of a workout, a really brownie like texture, which is amazing considering under 90 calories. The flavour is also damn on point, a really rich chocolate flavour that doesn't taste artificial with a perfect sweetness and even real chocolate chips within!

Even though the brownies are absolutely tiny, they are actually very filling for only 87 calories as they contain over 5g of fibre which is very impressive, they are also reasonably low fat at only 3g per bar with 11g carbs (5 of which fibre). The flavour and texture are just that of a real brownie and they are just pretty fantastic really. Only critique would be price point and maybe more chocolate chips as you only get about 2 per brownie. I can't wait to try the lemon flavour!

Overall Rating 9/10


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