Fibre One Lemon Drizzle Review

I was extremely impressed with the chocolate brownie fibre one bar, so much so that even being the stingy person I am went out and bought the lemon drizzle flavour at full price expecting a very good product.

And well it damn delivered. Again the size is a bit ridiculous, these are seriously tiny snacks, yet surprisingly filling so I will have to knock at least one point off for price to size ratio. The flavour however is absolutely incredible. This legitimately tastes like a good quality lemon drizzle cake. Very moist chewy sponge with a fantastic sweet tang from the lemon. What really sets this apart however is the drizzle icing, it even has that unmistakable crunch that a good lemon drizzle icing has. Just Fantastic.

It also contains little pieces of what I assumed were white chocolate but are in fact "lemon flavour pieces" these are also an amazing edition and offer a nice crunch to offset the relatively dense sponge and a burst of really genuine citrus flavour.

I'm still struggling to comprehend just how good the macros on these bars are in relation to how amazing they taste, all that needs work is the price for sure and potentially the size. I actually think I prefer these to the chocolate brownie which is amazing as I was convinced these couldn't be any better.

Overall rating 9.2/10


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