KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough Review

Kitkat chunky's are one of my favourite chocolate bars, particularly the peanut butter one which would probably take the top spot for all time favourite chocolate single bar! They are the perfect combination of thick chocolate and crispy wafer, its just a pity they haven't made the incredible cookie and cream double bars into a chunky yet! But I'll settle with cookie dough i guess...

Is it me or are these smaller than i remember? I mean its been a very long time since my last kitkat as i never buy chocolate singles but this just doesn't seem to earn the title "chunky"

on cutting through i was quite disappointed at the distinct lack of cookie dough cream.. Ah well taste test. My god this is sweet, even too much for me and i have a damn sweet tooth. I didn't really get any cookie dough flavour from the bar at all to be honest, no grainy texture or chocolate chips/vanilla. the cream was just inherently too sweet for me. I mean the rest of the bar is pretty good, i actually don't mind nestle chocolate (obviously not as good as lindt/cadbury) but not inedible. and the wafer adds the unmistakable crunch which is lovely as ever.

I think Nestle have missed the mark with this one, the cookie dough element just isn't there for me, and what remains is a bar that's just too sweet and doesn't do what the packaging promises which is very disappointing. Stick to the peanut butter and the mint chunky.

Overall Rating- 6.3/10


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