Nakd Carrot Cake Review

I absolutely love the bakewell tart flavour of nakd, it tastes so much like the real deal and is genuinely really healthy. When i heard they had released carrot cake i absolutely had to find it. After ages my local Tesco finally got them in stock and i paid the pretty hefty £2.79 for the pack of 4.

As usual the bar looks like all the others.. not very attractive at all, but the initial smell was pure carrot cake. The texture is a little more moist than other nakd products i've tried but it really is a wonderfully satisfying fudgy consistency.

The flavour is great, they've nailed the spice element of carrot cake and it really delivers a very delicious authentic carrot cake flavour which is great! My only complaint is that it does taste a little earthy and doesn't have the indulgence of real carrot cake (obviously) But considering the ingredients and that this counts as one of your 5 a day, wow, great work nakd!

Bakewell tart is still my favourite, but i hope this flavour sticks around as it is really delicious!

Overall Rating- 8.2/10


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