KitKat Bites Peanut Butter Review

The peanut butter KitKat chunky is probably my all time favourite chocolate bar.. it is literally perfect, smooth chocolate, crunchy wafer and actual peanut butter (looking at you PB oreo and PB rocky...)

I wasn't planning on buying these as, A, I'd end up eating the whole bag and B, i didn' think they would be able to top the chunky version,

However, my mum picked up a bag in Sainsbury's so i thought it would be rude not to try one to review..

this is the first "bite" kitkat i've tried and basically they're just about half the size of  a regular kitkat finger. The flavour is really good to be honest, you definitely get a nice hit of peanut butter, and as i said it works perfectly with the wafer and chocolate. I don't usually like Nestle chocolate but for some reason, KitKat chocolate is actually really nice and creamy.

My criticism here is there isn't really enough peanut butter, when in comparison to the chunky. If you haven't tried the chunky version you will probably think these are utterly amazing. The ratios are a little off with the bites in favour of chocolate, and not enough wafer and peanut butter, but don't get me wrong these are still one of the nicest chocolate bars/bites out there

Get the chunky version if you haven't had that first!

Overall Rating 8/10


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