Pepsi Max Ginger Review

I really like Pepsi max, much more than coke but I try to not really drink it oo often as I limit my caffeine intake for when I really feel like I need a boost...

The cherry flavour is probably one of my favourite soft drinks out there, so I knew I would have to try a ginger flavour when I saw it had been released. I commend Pepsi for doing something different here, usually Coke/Pepsi opt for citrus, cherry or vanilla, and I don't think I've ever seen a ginger variant.

When I opened the can the ginger smell was very apparent and it smelled very good actually.
The flavour for me is excellent, the perfect balance of ginger with the trademark sweet Pepsi max flavour. It pretty much tastes like someone has mixed in ginger beer with Pepsi, so if you don't like ginger beer I would avoid this. I also think it would make a great mixer for rum and coke/ vodka coke!

I don't know if it's just been that long since I've had Pepsi, but damn is it very sweet now? Almost too sweet for even me! So i don't think I could have much more than the 330ml serving without feeling a little bit sick.

Now to try the vanilla coke, which I also saw in Sainsbury's! I'm hoping it's as good as it was when Coca-Cola first released it years

Overall Rating- 8.5/10


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