Fuel Your 10k Hours Protibrick Review

I'm always on the lookout for new interesting breakfast products, and I couldn't help but pick up this new Protibrick from Fuel Your 10k hours given how much I love regular Weetabix!

I'm an avid morning exerciser so the claims that these biscuits don't cut corners and are bigger to help keep you fuller for longer certainly was appealing. (even if they are only 2.5% bigger than regular Weetabix...)

First things first the taste.. these taste pretty much exactly like your standard wheat biscuit offering, so you get lovely a lovely wheaty flavour. I usually opt for a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, some strawberry conserve or sliced banana with Weetabix and these toppings certainly complemented the Protibrick's squareness, and they tasted just as delicious as regular

The texture is slightly different to the traditional offerings; I found them to absorb the milk even faster than regular weetabix (something i didn't think possible) and they do have a slightly more powdery texture, which I didn't necessarily find a bad thing.

What really did surprise me with this product however was that it actually did fill me up for longer, which as a 19 year old active male is something not many products can boast claim to! My typical serving of 3 of these bad boys (2 I believe to be an insult) actually made my morning exercise feel more energised, and when i had them on a non exercise morning the usual 11:30 hunger pangs were significantly less profound!

At a £2.00 introductory price, you also can't moan about VFM! I shall definitely be buying these guys again and would recommend any Weetabix fans giving them a go, or anyone looking for a filling, healthy and super tasty breakfast!

Overall Score: 10/10


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