Muller Rice Remix Greek Inspired Apple Review

I'm a really big fan of the ordinary Muller rice range, and  thought the reasonably new remix range with the compote's were ok but nothing special. When I spotted this new "Greek Inspired" with cinnamon I had to try it as I love anything with cinnamon!

Upon opening the rice corner actually looks a bit different from your standard Muller offerings as you can actually see specks of cinnamon, which filled me with enthusiasm as it was coupled with a very appealing cinnamon aroma. I tried the rice on it's own first and the cinnamon flavour was subtle yet still actually quite tasty on its own, this is before I've even added the compote.

I was sceptical about how much the apple compote would bring to the product as the apple sauce in the regular Muller rice is incredibly bland, and the compotes featured in the regular remix range are also quite bland. No such blandness is found in this product however! you get a lovely tangy apple flavour which hugely complements the spicy cinnamon and creamy rice, and there's even some quite substantial chunks of apple in there which provide a lovely tang when bitten into.

Overall these Greek Inspired remix's are far better than the regular remix range and about on par with my favourites in the regular rice range. There's also a strawberry flavour which I have in the fridge and will be reviewing soon! I would definitely recommend these Greek inspired corners if you're a fan of Muller rice, or if you just want a nice flavourful sweet treat.

Overall Score: 8/10


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