Muller Rice Cherry Review

Muller rice are one of my favourite chilled dairy products, I absolutely love the banoffee, custard and chocolate

flavours and some of their previous limited editions like the apple strudel were fantastic. I'm not sure if this cherry variant is limited edition, but I've only seen it with the strawberry flavour in a multi-pack, and as I'm not the biggest fan of the strawberry I put off trying this flavour.

With the Muller rice range i find that all of the fruity flavours are really lacking that distinct fruity punch you get with a good jam or conserve, the fruit sauce is always a bit bland to be honest. My scepticism was the same for the cherry but thankfully with this flavour you really get a good strong cherry flavour.

The consistency is obviously the same as all the other Muller rice, thick and creamy ( i definitely prefer them over ambrosia rice)  and the cherry sauce is actually incredibly fruity and really quite nice.

This would actually rank quite highly among my favourite flavours in the Muller rice range, simply because you can actually taste the fruit flavour, and I love cherry as a flavour especially in dairy desserts. It's just a shame you can't buy these in single pot form as I would probably just discard the 3 strawberry as they are a tad bland.

If you like Muller rice and or fruity rice pudding this is definitely for you and I would highly recommend!

Overall Score: 8/10


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