All Bran High Fibre Muesli Fruit & Nut Review

I try to eat around 50g of fibre a day ( I know it's a lot) but I genuinely tend to prefer high fibre foods like wholemeal variants, oats etc... And I do really like muesli especially Alpen and the Jordan Truly fruity. I also find fibre helps my pretty insatiable appetite as an 19 year old male who goes to the gym regularly

So when I saw this new "High fibre Muesli" from Kellogs on offer (£2 at Tesco) I thought it would be worth a try. I'm not overly keen on All Bran on its own (as I'm sure 99% of most people would agree) it's just far to cardboardy and tough, but mixed with other cereals (insert muesli) it is pretty palatable.

What always concerns me with cereals like this, fruit *fibre granolas etc is the ratio of fruit to flake... thankfully upon opening i saw plenty of my favourite sultanas and a smattering of other dried fruits.

Now I always taste cereal dry first... I would not advise eating this cereal dry as it is very very dry. It took me ages to chew and to be honest all i could taste was bran. My preferred method of serving for this was with some fat free greek yoghurt and honey.honey. That's better... the taste mixed with thick creamy yoghurt is pretty good actually, you get a very hearty oat/bran flavour but then the odd sultana, coconut or banana just gives it a pretty good fruity flavour. There is also a very small amount of dried pineapple in there, which is absolutely divine when you actually get some as it's few and far between!

As a standalone it really doesn't compare to Alpen or Jordan's in my opinion, pretty much exclusively

down to the dryness of the added bran shreds, but with the addition of a good yoghurt or perhaps milk it turns into a perfectly good muesli. The only real reason I would advise/warrant this over other muesli's is the macro's as they are pretty sound. (372 cal, 9.5fat,55carb, 13fibre and 10 protein) A little high on the fat but I'm guessing that's the coconut and banana chips, but it's relatively low carb for cereal, and with a pretty high fibre content the net carbs are pretty damn good for a muesli. Quite filling also, and from me that is praise indeed!

Overall Rating 7.5/10


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