The Collective Gingerbread Review

I won’t continue to rave on about how good the collective yoghurts are, but as its Christmas  I was eagerly awaiting and praying that the xmas pud flavour yoghurts would be returning, initially I was pretty heartbroken, that was however until I heard what was replacing it… Gingerbread!

I absolutely love anything with ginger, ginger nuts are easily one of my favourite biscuits and ginger cake is just… well amazing. So one of my favourite things mixed with the best yoghurt out there? Well spoiler alert it’s pretty damn tasty.

 Texture actually appeared thicker than usual but that’s probably due to the fact I ate this on the first day of buying… the smell when peeling back the lid, just wow. It just smells like Christmas (I know only October) so I mixed the swirl and went for the taste.

I was sort of expecting this to taste like Jamaican ginger cake (the best) but it’s nowhere near as sweet which really works. The flavour is incredible, absolute perfect amount of spicy ginger, with sweetness coming from somewhere, probably honey and then a very subtle warming note of cinnamon. Divine and literally just tastes of Christmas, if that had a taste…

The Collective have done it again, this is seriously good and would probably rank in my top 5 flavours, just sitting behind the mango, banoffee and xmas pud. I would say it isn’t quite as good as the xmas pud flavour but then again few things are.

Amazing product yet again from the collective.

Overall Rating 8.6/10


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