Soreen Chocolate & Blood Orange Review

I'm a big fan of all the flavoured variants of Soreen, banana, apple and sultana, orange etc.. And oddly I actually don't really enjoy the original malt loaf.

I remember last year the toffee apple mini Soreen's were excellent so i was happy to see them back this year along with chocolate and blood orange which sounded fantastic, as I'm a fan of all things chocolate orange except the iconic terry's chocolate orange which I think is vile.

Appearance wise this is a a slightly paler shade than the regular chocolate malt loaf and did have a great waft of orange when I opened it. Now I'm always cautious with products labelled "Blood" orange or "Salted" caramel as they often tend to taste exactly the same as the regular varieties. The chocolate flavour is quite mild and not very strong and I feel a good degree more coca should be added. The first bite got me zero orange

flavour, but then gradually it does come through quite nicely actually.

Unfortunately I don't think the flavour can be dubbed blood orange as that implies a slight tang over regular orange which this was just lacking to be honest. Still a pretty good flavour with subtle chocolate with t light orange after-taste. Not as good as most of the regular flavoured loafs (apple & sultana is fantastic) and not as good as toffee apple so if you see these limited edition loafs I would recommend that over these blood orange ones.

Worth a try though! but must be marked down for no "Blood" orange flavour, should be marketed as just chocolate orange in my opinion.

Overall Rating 6.3/10


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