Monster Energy Ultra Red Review

After being extremely impressed by the white ultra zero i have been hunting down the orange and red varieties ever since to no avail... Until the other day in Asda where they had all three flavours in a stand on promotion at £1 each, so of course i picked up one of every flavour.

Again i have to commend Monster for the incredible packaging on these cans, seriously one of the best product designs i have ever seen. I again enjoyed the flavour of this one as that trademark energy drink taste is very subtle. However i didn't find this as flavoursome as the white one, I can't put my finger on what flavour this is supposed to be, it tastes almost like a cherry/berry cough sweet; which may sound bad but i am in fact meaning it in a positive way.

I'm really liking the fact that this ultra range has ditched that overpowering energy drink taste which i think is just taurine and ginseg, definitely pick these up if you aren't the biggest fan of normal energy drinks. White is still my favourite and I'm looking forward to trying the sunrise which I'm guessing will be orange flavour...

Overall Rating 8/10


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