Muller Light Peanut & Caramel Review

After the last Muller light limited edition really was one of their best ever i was quite sad to see it go, that was until they announced that their new limited edition flavour was peanut and caramel! This just sounded so unique for a yoghurt flavour and i couldn't wait to try it.

My usual complaint about Muller yoghurt's is the very runny consistency, surprisingly this yoghurt actually appeared to be a bit thicker than usual which was great. The smell was of very sweet peanut, and i almost got a burnt brown sugar flavour in there as well.

Flavour wise its pretty damn good, the peanut flavour is subtle, quite subtle in fact but i think any stronger and it would risk tasting too much like peanut butter instead of a yoghurt. I think it could have been done with a bit stronger but for me it was pretty spot on. The caramel as well is extremely good, it doesn't just taste like sweet peanut which i assumed it would, you get a real burnt sugar caramel flavour which works extremely well with the subtle peanut flavour.

Overall i would actually say this is one of the best Muller lights I've ever had, it would be up there with the apple strudel, chocolate orange and banana and custard flavours.

Overall Rating- 8/10


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