The Collective Morello Cherry & Kirsch Review

I was a huge fan of the latest gingerbread limited flavour from the collective and was sad to see it go; but when they announced the replacement to be a cherry flavour, which co incidentally happens to be one of my favourite yoghurt flavours i was extremely happy.

Since i haven't tried their new duples range i have never had cherry yoghurt from the collective so was much looking forward to the product. i have to say this is the first time i have been disappointed with the flavour from a collective product. I just don't feel the flavour of cherry stands out at all, granted there are some nice chunks in there and the base is at its usual absolutely fantastic standard.

Thankfully i couldn't detect Kirsch at all which is a plus for me considering i'm not really a fan of any alcoholic beverage, but the distinct lack of any real powerful cherry flavour left me quite disappointed which is something i never thought i would say about the collective. There is a faint cherry flavour to the yoghurt but no where near as powerful as it needs to be, or as good as any of the other flavours from the collective.

All their other fruit flavours are absolutely incredible and taste so flavourful and like the real deal, I'm not quite sure what happened here. I'm almost tempted to say that my pot was somehow contaminated given their previous track record.... i did check and it was well in date.

Overall Rating 6/10


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