Butterkist Hot Cross Bun Popcorn Review

I've been on the lookout for this product for what feels like a very long time, it was announced in the middle of February and I only found it yesterday in B&M bargains of all places to find new products...

I was very disappointed with the gingerbread flavour around Christmas so didn't really know what to expect with this one. Butterkist popcorn is ok... but it's no where near as good as propercorn and still not as good as Metcalfes. hot cross bun however did sound a very unique and interesting flavour to try.

The smell was non existent but the kernels did look very attractive with a light toffee coating. Now the taste; it's not horrific, but nothing outstanding. To me it just tastes like a bit sweeter mixed peel flavoured popcorn... there is a very faint hot cross bun taste if you really put your mind to it, and it's distinctly better than gingerbread flavour as this sort of tastes like its namesake.

This is a fairly good limited edition, and i admire Butterkist for doing something unique and very seasonal. I also really love the packaging but to be honest i won't be buying it again and i doubt very much if i will be yearning for this when the Easter period is over.

Overall Rating- 6.5/10


  1. Oh dear doesn't sound great. Not sure I'll bother buying any!


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