Yeo Valley Banana & Custard Review

Banana, one of my favourite flavours of anything. Custard, could eat by the barrel, combine with yoghurt, also one of my favourite things should surely mean food heaven?
i usually avoid full fat yoghurts as I find the low fat ones taste the same and as long as they aren't laden with sugar are a far more macro friendly choice, but a banana and custard yoghurt, I don't even care i need this in my life.

The texture was fantastically thick, probably due to the double cream in the ingredients.... and that certainly translated. The flavour is intensely creamy, almost too much if I'm honest, kind of in-between a yoghurt and some sort of cream based dessert. The flavour is of a very natural banana which works well with the creamy texture. However there is absolutely no hint of any custard element to this yoghurt which I am extremely disappointed by.

It's actually a very nice yoghurt due to how natural the banana flavour is matched with the velvety texture. But what I was really looking forward to was that vanillary custardy taste which was just not there. So this is actually a very good banana yoghurt, probably one of the best I've ever had but I'm going to have to mark it down for the complete mis-marketing of the custard element.

Overall Rating- 7/10


  1. "The flavour is intensely creamy" this creamy flavour represents the custard which you claim is non mis-marketing here.lovely product..
    btw,ended up here because im on the hunt for more!good day :)

  2. ..also,there is also a hint of vanilla.maybe not enough for your requirements,but not everyone likes their custard laden with it.vanilla can be overpowering if added in large doses.(M&S custard comes to mind)

  3. i get what you mean, but even the generic custard flavour of ambrosia or birds was completely lacking in this. It can't just be creamy and claim to be "custard flavour" custard has a very distinct flavour i felt was completely lacking here!


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