Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Cookies Review

When it comes to protein bars I almost exclusively buy Quest bars, they taste amazing, are pretty filling and despite popular opinion I actually really like the new recipe with corn fibre, they are just softer and in my opinion taste better.

But my social media lately has been covered in pictures of people raving about how amazing these carb killa bars are, and how they are actually better than Quest bars. So with such bold a claim i had to seek them out.

I heard that this was the best flavour so I went with white chocolate cookies first as I've been told it tastes like the milkybar milk and cookies bar. Well it pretty much does, seriously blindfolded i defy a normal person to tell me that this isn't just a regular chocolate bar. Its incredibly sweet with a fairly good white chocolate flavour, and the cookie pieces add a great crunch in contrast to the nougaty soft inside. I actually think for my liking this bar is a little too sweet, and thats kind of the only flavour you can taste with a faint white chocolate after-taste.

Definitely a great bar, solid macros too, 215 cal, 15carb, 22protein 8fat with 6 fibre too. My problem with this particular flavour is it's a tad too sweet for me which is saying something as i have a fiendish sweet tooth, the ingredients list is a little too long with some frankly disturbing sounding ingredients like; palm fat, gelatine and polydextrose? Partly why i love Quest bars so much is that as protein bars go the ingredients sound relatively normal.

Overall a very nice bar, and if you love sickly sweet things go get one, has it topped Quest, no. It also hasn't even come close to my all time favourite bar, the Combat Crunch Cinnamon Twist (11/10). I will be trying all the other flavours just to see if there are any gems out there, but I think I'll stick to my favourite flavours of Quest for now.

Overall Rating 8/10


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