Snickers Protein Bar Review

You can only imagine my joy when i saw the release of a protein mars bar and snickers to the UK market as they are two of my favourites, and i was lucky to pick up both of them at bodypower this year for £2 each which isn't too bad.

macros are surprisingly good, and better than i expected, 199cals, 7 fat, 18carb and 18 protein (fibre not listed) and i'm glad to see a protein blend of reputable sources like hydrolysed collagen and whey concentrate instead of a cheap gelatine or something like that.

When i opened it it smelled and looked pretty much the same as a normal snickers and i liked that i could see a fair few peanuts dotted on the top. Unfortunately for me i found the taste pretty average at best. The base protein bar is your standard affair, quite chewy and i found it to be very bland, especially the "caramel layer". The caramel had zero flavour and had nothing going for it really. Also maybe it was just my bar but there were no where near enough peanuts, so the peanuty flavour you get from a normal snickers just wasn't as strong as it should be. Coupled with the bery bland and a little chalky base this was not amazing as a lot of people ave been saying, my guess is they haven't had a real snickers in quite a while, which to be fair i haven't.

Overall it's not bad and better than some protein bars i've had in the past, but it doesn't hold a candle to Quest or Combat Crunch bars and considering the similar price and macros i highly recommended you go with them if you want a really good protein bar.

Overall Rating- 6/10


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