Lucozade Energy Zero Orange Review

orange lucozade was a childhood favourite drink of mine and i used to knock them back like it was nothing. Now I'm really into my fitness and health these are just a no go as the amount of carbs is just ridiculous, so unless you're calories expenditure is crazy in my opinion you'd be best off eating that amount of carbohydrates.

Firstly I absolutely love the packaging, really eye catching and i love the way the "zero" sits behind the brand name in an orange peel style. The taste is pretty much exactly how i remember the normal orange flavour to be, granted it has been several years but i think lucozade has a pretty distinctive flavour. Its very sweet, but in my opinion the perfect level, its sweeter than fanta but not as sweet as the full sugar (i think) 

The carbonation is pleasant and isn't too frothy or flat and just overall makes for a very refreshing beverage. I will look forward to trying the pink lemonade flavour given how nice this one was.

Overall Rating- 8/10


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