Oreo Mint UK Review

I was very disappointed with the peanut butter Oreo's the UK got last year, they just didn't taste anything like peanut butter, probably to Nabisco's exclusion of any actual peanut ingredients. The golden ones i did enjoy, but if i want a sweet creamy biscuit I'll get custard creams.
It's taken me so long to find these, but with mint and chocolate being one of my favourite flavour combinations and my love for Oreos i was pretty excited about the launch of these!

The flavour is absolutely fantastic, perfect level of mint, which matches perfectly with the deep rich cocoa Oreo biscuit. I think i might even prefer these to normal Oreos! They taste almost identical to a childhood favourite biscuit of mine, the viscount. My only criticism would be that there isn't quite enough filling
but thats me being super picky.

A perfect blend of sweet refreshing mint creme with a rich chocolatey crunch is just amazing to be honest, and I'm glad these are sticking around, now just to find the strawberry "cheesecake" flavour, which as my fears suspected from reading other reviews is just strawberry..

Please Nabisco bring some of the amazing US flavours to the UK market like cinnamon bun and gingerbread! you're improving as of late but still a way to go to match the US!

Overall Rating 9/10


  1. These sound very good - I have to track them down. And I agree, it would be amazing to see the Cinnamon Bun and Gingerbread Oreos in the UK!

  2. definitely worth tracking down! Pretty sure Sainsbury's is the best bet for both new flavours at the moment!

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I got the Strawberry Cheesecake ones but haven't managed to find the Mint. I'll try Sainsburys :)


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