Shreddies Max Protein Granola Review

Cereal is one of my favourite foods out there, and shreddies have been a favourite of mine forever. So put two things i love together, being granola and shreddies and surely that's onto a winner..
The granola itself is nothing amazing to be honest, it's missing what i think makes a great granola, and that is honey toasted oat clusters. These seem to just be sweetened with sugar syrup and other strange sounding ingredients, so it is a little plain. Another key feature of a great fruity granola is also missing, there are no where near enough cranberry pieces (2.4%) in this granola, so the overall taste of the cereal is just a kind of sweet. 

Unfortunately the shreddies don't really add a lot, you can definitely tell they are there but they don't enhance the flavour. If i wanted granola, I'd buy granola, and if i wanted shreddies, you guessed it, i would buy shreddies so i don't really see who this is marketed towards? The protein content is laughably low to be called "max protein" at only 13g per 100g (standard oats have around 12). so claiming this is high protein is a bit misleading in my opinion.
This is not a bad cereal and i will quite happily finish the pretty small 400g box... I would highly recommend you avoid paying the rip off standard price of £2.49 and grab this now at Tesco when it's on a half price offer.

Not bad, but there are so many better granola's out there, and i you want shreddies buy shreddies, and hey if you need them together buy both and make your own. 

Overall rating 6.5/10


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