Muller Light Apple Crumble & Custard Review

I never buy Muller corners, mainly because they are too runny and i would rather get a fat free Greek yoghurt and add my own sweeteners. however this new flavour did pique my interest when i saw it on Instagram, as it is replicating one of my favourite desserts. I didn't really fancy trekking to Iceland and buying 6 of them, but when i saw a single pot in Sainsburys i thought it would be worth a go.

The texture was a lot thicker than i remember Muller lights to be, i mean it's not exactly skyr territory, but it was actually a really nice consistency. The flavour again was actually really good. I go cinnamon instantly, and there were little pieces of candied apple which gave a nice burs of flavour. The custard element was even there, the yoghurt is a yellowish tinge, and i did detect a very faint custardry note, but its of course no where near akin to ambrosia or a half decent custard.

Overall, i would probably get this again if it was on a really good offer like 10 for £3 like Asda do sometimes, and if you usually buy these yoghurts, this is actually a pretty good offering!

Overall Rating- 7.5/10


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