Nakd Peanut Delight Review

After absolutely loving the new carrot cake flavour, i have been searching for this peanut one for ages as it sounded right up my alley being a peanut butter addict. After a whole summer of my home town letting me down, my first trip to asda at uni and i finally found it!

I had heard mixed things from various bloggers and instagram so i went in with a fairly open mind. Damn this thing was dark, and smelt a lot more datey than usual, but as you can see there were absolutely loads of peanut chunks visible.

I was very disappointed with the flavour unfortunately, it's a very "natural" peanut taste, and by that i mean its just way too earthy for my liking, and it is almost completely lost to the incredibly overpowering date flavour. I mean considering there are literally only 2 main ingredients (plus a pinch of sea salt) thats understandable. I think the ratios definitely need changing up here as the flavour is just too much date, and the peanut flavour is too earthy from the lack of saltiness. The sea salt is detectable, but i guess as this is a very health orientated bar very little was used.

This is not one of the better nakd products i have tried, as some of the others are utterly delicious. The taste isn't bad, and thankfully i didn't feel the need of the dreaded macro refund, but certainly not one i will be getting again.

Overall Rating- 6/10


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